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Trade Card - Newhall's Family Saleratus

Trade Card - Newhall's Family Saleratus


“Newhall’s Family Saleratus. Unequalled for Purity and Strength.”

This trade card is especially interesting because it shows an interior view of a dining room during the 1880s. The family cook is bringing to the table a very large pan that shows a highly leavened bread or souffle (?). The diners have expressions of joy and astonishment.

From “Saleratus was originally potassium bicarbonate, and began to replace pearlash in cookbooks in the early 1850s. As sodium bicarbonate (soda) became more common and the use of potassium bicarbonate was discontinued, a few people continued to call soda ‘saleratus.’ By 1878, the saleratus now generally sold is bicarbonate of soda.’” Thus, saleratus (“aerated salt”) had a short-lived popularity.

This trade card is in the collection of the Boston Public Library. H. (Herbert) B. Newhall was in the grocery business, trying his hand at manufacturing coffee (which he called “Hard Times Coffee”), importing and milling spices, and, obviously, producing saleratus. He died at age 89 in 1912.

Condition: Excellent. No flaws. Corners are sharp. The back is printed with the address of the manufacturer: H.B. Newhall, 76 Broad St., Boston. At retail by all grocers. The card still shows remnants of an adhesive on the four corners.

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