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1922 Issue, "The Sovereign Citizen"

1922 Issue, "The Sovereign Citizen"


This is the April 1922,= issue of “The Sovereign Citizen” Boston, Mass.

“Published monthly without price or profit: J. Winfield Scott, Editor.”

“For National Unity – One People, One Country, One Allegiance, One Flag, One Language, One School, One Heritage, Undivided, Unimpaired”

“By lawful, direct, ‘Bloc’ action of Loyal Sovereign Citizens, to Restrict, Restore and Reconstruct; - to Restrict immigration, disenfranchise the disloyal, Restore; citizenship, suffrage and sovereignty, exclusively to those giving undivided allegiance to American Constitution and institutions; - expressly to block, abolish alienism, insidious alien influence, entanglements, intrigue – to end alien invasion and control and to suppress alien mobocracy, boycott, lawlessness and thus Reestablish Constitutional ‘Law and Order.’”

This newpaper is printed on a sheet of paper folded into thirds that are 8x11 inches.

Condition: Very good. Has one horizontal fold across the middle and two diagonal soft folds across the bottom right corner. There are no stains or tears.


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