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1929 Sears "Modern Plumbing" Installation Manual

1929 Sears "Modern Plumbing" Installation Manual


“Instructions for Installing Modern Plumbing Systems”

Sears, Roebuck and Co. “The World’s Largest Store”

Copyright 1929

40 pages, plus the two inside covers.

“Anyone who is at all handy with tools should find it easy to install plumbing with the help of these illustrations and directions.”

“Pure Fresh Water and Sanitary Plumbing are as necessary to your health and happiness as fresh air and sunshine.”

This publication is loaded with information and diagrams! For instance, there are lots of pages of directions for installing “bathroom, kitchen and laundry outfits in a two-story house with basement.” And “Installation showing kitchen and bathroom on each floor of a two-flat building; fixtures not revented.” And “Disposal of drainage outside the house.”

Photos show people in 1929 dress using, for instance, a “sink and pump outfit.”

There is a two-page ad for the Hercules Pipeless Furnace. There is a separate insert for ordering equipment..

Condition: There are folds on the bottom right corner of the front cover and on the bottom left corner of the back cover. Interior is in excellent condition. Binding is tight. Size 8x11 inches.

# 351B

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