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1970 UPI Telephoto – Pontiac Michigan Racial Conflict

1970 UPI Telephoto – Pontiac Michigan Racial Conflict


1970 UPI Telephoto – Pontiac Michigan Racial Conflict

From the caption (typed onto the type of the photo)

“DUP 100703 – 10/7/70 – PONTIAC, MICH: An unidentified Negro youth is arrested by Pontiac Police 10/7 during the racial conflict at Pontiac Central High School. Police lobbed tear gas to disperse crowds of about 500 black and white students, fighting outside the school where four white youths were shot and wounded by blacks two days ago. UPI TELEPHOTO dk/JH”

Handwritten on the back: Pontiac Michigan. Stamped on the back (half unreadable): Oct 1970 Enterprises Inc.

According to the Hillsdale Daily News (Hillsdale, MI, Oct. 9, 1970), one of the many newspapers writing up the events in Pontiac, “Racial disturbances began Monday in Pontiac when four white students were shot during a confrontation with black youths outside Pontiac Central High School. Trouble ranging from sporadic rock throwing to confrontations between mobs of black and white students continued for three days afterward. Police said the recent violence apparently had its origin in a racial fight at a football game last Friday. Pontiac, however, has a long history of racial disorders.”

Shown here is the photo in The Salem News, Salem, Ohio (Oct. 8, 1970). We found it online; we do not own it.

Condition: Excellent, but slightly bent in a very small portion of the upper corners. Size 11.0 x 8.5 inches.


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