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Pennsylvania Coal Merchant's Flyer - 1850s

Pennsylvania Coal Merchant's Flyer - 1850s


G.W. Montgomery’s flyer promoted his business as a source of coal. Maylandville at that time was a small industrial village on the Mill Creek, near where Clark Park in West Philadelphia is today. (Maylandville has long since disappeared.)

The flyer reads:

"G. W. Montgomery’s Locust Mountain Coal Yard - South Side of the Creek, Maylandville

"The undersigned has a Wharf easy of access, upon which he has erected a large shed to keep his Coal Dry and Under Cover, and is now in receipt of the celebrated Locust Mountain Coal, mined by D. Pearson & Co., also Lehigh Coal, from the best mines, of all the different sizes, all of which he is now prepared to deliver carefully screened, picked and dry, at the lowest market prices.
Having had a number of years experience in the business, and giving his personal attention to it, he flatters himself that he can give entire satisfaction in quality, weight and price.

"Your patronage is respectfully solicited. Call and examine for yourselves.

"All Coal will be hauled away free of charge, if not as represented. Owners received through Despatch, or left as below, will be attended to.”

The flyer was printed by “Eckel, PR., Cor. 18th and Market.”

According to federal censuses, George W. Montgomery [1814-1906] was a “coal merchant” for most of his life. He was born in Ireland and immigrated to Philadelphia at age 17. We are assuming this flyer dates from the late 1850s, based on a few line ads we found from G.W. Montgomery.

Condition: Near excellent. Other than an old 1.50 inch diagonal vertical fold at the bottom right corner there are no flaws. Wood block printed on blue, lightweight paper. Size 5.00 X 8.00 inches.


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