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Orange Card Stock - "Southern Tier Rifles"

Orange Card Stock - "Southern Tier Rifles"


We don’t know the occasion that needed this ticket, but we’re amused that the card was cut so badly that the lines of print are askew. Presumably, these men were better at soldiering than at cutting tickets for a big event.

From “A Brief History of Chemung County, 1779-1905”: “The Elmira Guards [the county’s first militia company, formed in 1834] continued in more or less active existence nearly twenty years, being succeeded in 1858 by ‘The Southern Tier Rifles,’ an organization that is still referred to with considerable pride. Under the command of Capt. Henry C. Hoffman, it was most perfectly disciplined, and one of the ‘crack’ companies of the State. When President Lincoln, on April 15, 1861, issued his first call for troops, the appeal reached Elmira on the afternoon of that day. A public meeting was called for the same evening. It was tumultuously attended. Most of the members of the Southern Tier Rifles volunteered at once, and the company under the command of Capt. Nat. B. Fowler, became Company K of the Twenty-third N. Y. Volunteers. It was largely a local regiment, and the first one organized in the county. It was mustered into the service of the United States for two years, or unless sooner discharged, on May 16, 1861, with 788 officers and men.”

Why “Southern Tier”? Wikipedia says this is the “geographic subregion of the broader Upstate New York region of New York State, consisting of counties west of the Catskill Mountains in Delaware County and geographically situated along or very near the northern border of Pennsylvania. Definitions of the region vary widely, but generally encompass localities in counties surrounding the Binghamton and Elmira-Corning metropolitan areas. This region is bordered to the south by the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and both these regions together are known as the Twin Tiers.”

Condition: Light oxidation on both sides. Size 2.75 x 1.25 inches. The back is blank.


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