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Orange Card Stock - Leather, Skins & Pianos

Orange Card Stock - Leather, Skins & Pianos


Edwin Smith certainly packed a lot on his business card!

It reads: “Edwin E. Smith, Dealer in Morocco, Buck & Chamois Skins, Organ, Melodeon, and Pianoforte Leather, &c. 24 Exchange Street, Boston. Belt, Lace and Picker-String Leather, Calf and Sheep Skin Rollers, Bookbinders’, Pocket-book and Truss-makers’ stock – Fancy-colored Goat, Calf, and Sheep Skins – Writing and Printers’ Parchments, all sizes – English and American Wool Mats, &c. Mead’s Press.”

Charles C. Mead owned Mead’s Press (at 91 Washington Street during the mid 1800s). Besides this orange business card, Mead’s Press printed books, clipper ship cards and more.

Edwin Smith’s business wasn’t large enough, it seems, to have been in newspapers, but Edwin E. Smith himself did make the “Boston Globe” for his very messy marriage on a number of occasions.

The Nov. 15, 1888 Boston Globe carried an almost-full page story, with blow-by-blow details from the testimony in court. “Before a dozen people, including judge, attorneys and reporters, the sensational episodes incidental to the married life of Edwin Smith, were thoroughly ventilated today… Edwin is a man of 45, a dealer in leather, and does a big business in Boston. His wife is but 33 and this discrepancy in their ages seems to account for the present unpleasant relations.”

The drawing of Edwin came from the same Boston Globe issue mentioned above. (we do not own it)

Condition: Excellent. Back is blank. Size 2.25 x 3 inches.


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