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c1900 Washing Woolen Underwear Directions from Montgomery Ward

c1900 Washing Woolen Underwear Directions from Montgomery Ward


Did you recently buy some woolen underwear - specifically, woolen overshirts?

Then you need this little piece of information!

Montgomery Ward & Co. (Chicago Avenue Bridge, Chicago) must have supplied this information when someone bought a new woolen overshirt. “Soak one hour in soap suds, not too hot, put in a little liquid ammonia; transfer to clean, warm soap suds and wash by stirring the garments around and squeezing the suds through. Do not use a washboard, rinse thoroughly in pure warm water to remove all traces of soap. Pass the garments through a wringer twice, then immediately lay them on a table flat and while damp stretch each garment to proper shape by hand, then hang up to dry in a warm room, or out of doors if warm and dry. (Hang up by top of garments.) It is best not to iron woolen underwear. Use pure soap free from alkali. (Olive Oil Soap is the best for all woolens.)”

This paragraph is followed by a list of “Don’ts,” which is followed by “a poor laundry, or bad judgment in washing, will ruin any woolen goods.” And, “Notice: We will not be responsible for woolen goods that shrink, as wool will not shrink if properly washed.”

The use of wool for undergarments seems to have become popular at the turn of the 20th century.

Condition: Excellent. No flaws. Size 5.50 x 3.50 inches.

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