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1899 Program and Souvenir Card for Major Hendershot

1899 Program and Souvenir Card for Major Hendershot


There are two parts to this listing - a four-page leaflet/program plus a souvenir card.

On the leaflet front:

“A Grand Camp Fire Entertainment at Town Hall, Epping, N.H. on Thursday Evening, Oct. 19th, 1899 under the auspices of Rockingham Grange, No. 183, Patrons of Husbandry”

“Aside from the Local Talent attractions on the Programme which have been engaged for the coming entertainment the committee has positively engaged Major R.H. Hendershot, the Original Drummer Boy of the Rappahanock, and his Son, the most wonderful Drummer and Fifer in America, to furnish the audience with music and solos that our citizens have never before heard bought out of a drum and fife.”

Inside the leaflet, across the top, is “Cut of a Steam Heated Vestibule Train on the Grand Trunk Railway System.” The back of the leaflet is an ad for the “Grand Trunk Railway System; the Palace and Dining Car Route via the St. Clair Tunnel to All Points East. The Favorite Tourist Route to Eastern Summer Resorts.”

The railway line crops up again on the interior pages as “Grand Trunk Railway System is the Only Line Reaching the Muskoka District. 1000 feet about Sea Level. 112 Miles North of Toronto, Can. Finest Fishing, Good Shooting, Magnificent Scenery.”

The program stated that Major Hendershot would do a drum solo as an “imitation and explanation of an engine on the great Grand Trunk Railway System.” Also, the “Imitation of a Battle….This imitation of a battle is so real that the old soldiers in the audience, who have had experience in one, will rise to their feet and scream as if they had been ordered to charge again.”

The souvenir card shows Major R.H. Hendershot and J.C. Hendershot (his son). On the back, Major Hendershot promotes their program to any “reputable society” who might want to sponsor them, plus a paragraph describing where he will live, in Edgebrook, Ill. “the HEAVEN of Cook County.”

Major Hendershot has a lengthy writeup in Wikipedia, among other places. “He became known for his reputed heroics at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, in December 1862.” He was said to be about 13 at the time, when he became famous as the “Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock.”

Condition: Lettersheet 4 pages, 8 x 10.25 inches. Card 2.75 x 5.5 inches. Both are in excellent condition.


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