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Business Card - Iron Ties for Cotton Bales

Business Card - Iron Ties for Cotton Bales


We believe this card is from New Orleans, La., where we found one reference to William H. Hunt. The card promotes “Iron Cotton Ties” and in the artwork, “Arrow Tie.”

An arrow tie was a tie of hoop iron just for baling cotton, which was described in the “Baton Rouge Tri-Weekly Gazette and Comet”: in August 1867: “…The Arrow Tie is certainly the greatest invention of the age for economy to the planter. The planter who would be guilty of using anything else but the Tie should be immediately sent to the Lunatic Asylum, for he will certainly go up in these days of labor, worm and half crops.”

The newspapers are full of large ads for the Arrow Tie by companies far bigger than Hunt. Some of them include the artwork he used on his card.

Condition: Very good. Slight soiling. Corners are sharp. Size 4 x 2.5 inches. The back is blank but contains pencilled math calculations. 



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