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Flyer for "Mammoth Package" of Home Amusements

Flyer for "Mammoth Package" of Home Amusements


"This certificate entitles the holder to buy our great MAMMOTH PACKAGE of Games, Tricks and Home Amusements for only Twelve Cents! Address, The Lum Smith Publishing House, 234-236 S. Eighth St., Phila."

On the back is the list of everything included in this “Great Mammoth Package.” The list includes Game of Authors; Nine Men Morris Board; Mystic Age Tablet (to tell the age of any person, young or old, married or single); Morse Telegraph Alphabet; Shadow Pantomine; The Clairvoyant (how to become a medium. A pleasing game when well played); 50 Choice Conundrums or Riddles, with answers; and much more.

We researched one of the package items: “The Album Writer’s Friend, 275 select Autograph Album Verses, in prose and verse.” It was said to be “new” when this list was published. That year was 1882; yet, the etching on this flyer's front was copyright 1890. (Not so “new.”)

Lum Smith had a checkered career. He was editor of "Agents Herald" in Philadelphia, and ended up being charged several times for libel, defamation, “embracery.” The newspapers in the late 1880s are full of articles about him.

Condition: Excellent. No flaws. The imprint is very even on both sides. There are two soft vertical fold marks. Corners are sharp. Size 10.00 X 5.00 inches.


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