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1854 Copybook

1854 Copybook


1854 Copybook

The paper covers of this copy book have wonderful wood engravings with particularly ornate borders. The front is of a stagecoach filled with two women and three men, all in their fine clothes, pulled by four galloping white horses.

On the back cover is a dairy cow in a pasture, with the poem “The Cow and The Ass.” The poem was written by Jane Taylor [183-1824], who is included in a book, “British Women Poets of the Romantic Era,” along with her sister Ann (who sometimes gets credit for the poem). This poem was one of many written by the sisters, promoting kindness to “dumb” animals.

The copy book was Joseph Moyer’s, dated March 14, 1854 on the front cover, but with subsequent dates (and his name as Joseph H. Moyer) on the pages, which are filled with challenging questions and calculations. Such as:

“What number is that which being increased by 5.8 and 5/8 of itself the sum will be 216.”

“How many tons of timber in two sticks each 30 feet by 20 inches wide and 12 inches thick.”

“Reduce $756 to sterling or English money.”

“How much is the insurance on $5000 from Philadelphia to New Orleans at 1 ½ per cent.”

On we found a Joseph H. (Henry) Moyer from Pennsylvania, born in 1843, which would make him 11 years old when he was working on these questions. Assuming we had the right Joseph Moyer, he became a house painter and died at age 44.

Condition: Front cover has moisture stains in three corners and the right edge is slightly frayed. Back cover has moisture stains on two upper corners and a fold on the top left corner. A remnant of blue paper remains on both sides of the binding, probably from an earlier added cover. Interior has no tears or stains and is in very good condition. Binding is solid. Size 8x12.5 inches.


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