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c 1900 Copperplate Engraving - Furniture Company

c 1900 Copperplate Engraving - Furniture Company


This copperplate reads:

Vil-as” Extension Book Case, Extension Filing Cabinets, Vertical Filing Cabinets, Card Index System and Supplies

[Logo]: The Case With the Raised Ends

Manufactured by Vilas-Diven Co., Elmira NY (Main Office and Works)

Branches – Boston, New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Washington

From “Geyer’s Stationer” – 1906

“’The Case With the Raised Ends’ is the catchy phrase employed to good advantage by this company, and this feature along of their construction has secured for them many orders.”

“The Vilas-Diven Co. of Elmira, N.Y. finds a constantly increasing demand for their filing cabinets, extension book cases and card index cabinets, a result which may be attributed to their perfect design, careful workmanship and reasonable price. The business for last year showed 90 per cent increase on that for the previous year, which speaks eloquently both for the management and the goods. Royal L. Vilas, the vice-president and general manager, is a hustler, as he needs must be for when he takes general supervision of both the factory and selling department. The Vilas Vertical Filing Cabinets are the company’s long suit, and sell rapidly. Mr. Vilas spent the early part of this week in New York and in two days sold nineteen of them.”

Chemung County Historical Society’s website describes a Trolley Game created by the Snyder Bros. Printing Company in Elmira in 1904. There were several versions of the game. The backs of the cards in one version are all the same, advertising Vilas bookcases manufactured by Vilas-Diven Co. of Elmira.. (See photo (the lower left card), taken from their website.)

Condition: The copper plate is unmarred. Size: 2.25 x 4.0 inches.


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