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Al G. Barnes Wild Animal Circus Ticket 1927

Al G. Barnes Wild Animal Circus Ticket 1927


Wikipedia: “The Al G. Barnes Circus was an American circus run by Alpheus George Barnes Stonehouse. He started his show in 1895 with a pony, a phonograph, and a stereopticon. By 1929, the ‘Al G. Barnes Wild Animal Show’ had grown to five rings and it was purchased by the American Circus Corporation, which was then bought out by John Ringling,  the owner of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.” The circus was especially known for its wild animal acts.

This season ticket is from 1927, and at that point the circus had just 4 rings. It shows tigers flanking the photo of Mr. Barnes, and a lion riding on a horse.

The ticket pass was made out to C.P. Neigenkind & Family. On the back, the ticket reads: “Conditions governing the use of this complimentary. The accepter agrees to make use of it at every possible opportunity, also to demand the best with the show, and top register a complaint if not obtained, and to feel that they are the most welcomed visitors to the show, because of their being personal friends of The Al. G. Barnes Wild Animal Circus.”

Condition: Excellent. Size 4.0 x 2.25 inches.

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