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1975 Press Photo of Busing in Racine Wisconsin

1975 Press Photo of Busing in Racine Wisconsin


This photo was taken by George P. Koshollek Jr. for the Milwaukee Journal newspaper in March 1975.

On the back is taped the newsprint cutline: “Thursday was a rehearsal day for Racine schoolchildren who will be involved in next year’s busing program – a part of the Unified District’s effort to achieve racial balance in its schools. The rehearsal – in which students visited the schools they will attend in fall – was an effort to make sure the plan will work. According to a program adopted last month, 1,400 elementary pupils from inner city schools will be shifted to schools in outlying areas, while 800 pupils from those schools will follow a reverse route. The exchange shown in these photographs took place between North Park, Garfield and Lincoln Schools. Journal Photos by George P. Koshollek Jr.”

Also on the back is the rubberstamped Mar 20 PM 5:14

Another photo must’ve run on the same paper (its cutline is also taped to the back of the photo), but we do not have that photo.

We could not find a newspaper showing this photo, but we did find a New York Times Oct. 1975 article about busing that commented about Racine: “The effort in Racine seems to be one of the more successful examples of school integration in the North to date, officials say. Desegregation here could serve as a model for other cities as the drive for integration moves from smaller towns to bigger cities, not only in the Middle West, but also across the country.” Also, “Racine was one of the few cities in the nation to integrate its schools without making desegregation and busing a political football. Historically school officials and other political leaders have adopted a stance of defiance.”

George Koshollek was a press photographer in Milwaukee from 1949 to 1986. He was Wisconsin Press Photographer of the Year at least twice and won a Pulitzer Prize for a photo series in 1967. He served 4 years as a Navy reconnaissance pilot during WWII.

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