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1975 AP Wire Photo Louisville KY First Day of Busing

1975 AP Wire Photo Louisville KY First Day of Busing


This AP Wire Photo from Sept. 5, 1975 comes with the cutline already written and attached: “Two new classmates exchange greetings at a Louisville school Thursday morning during the first day of court-ordered busing in the area. Although absenteeism was high, officials report no problems at the school.” (On the back it is rubberstamped Sept. 13 1975, and includes the directions: 2 col x 5” pg. 36.”)

Sept. 5 was the opening day of school and the pages of the Louisville (KY) Courier are filled with articles and photos about the effect of the new law on the schools and families in the city. Most of them are more of the “if it bleeds it reads” viewpoint, not this feel-good connection.

We found this photo in at least five other city papers (we didn’t find it in the Louisville paper) – Pittsburgh, Tucson, Detroit, Decatur, Cincinnati. We have attached a copy of the picture in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. (We do not own this paper.)

Condition: at bottom right, corner missing. Otherwise excellent condition.  Size 7x9.5 inches.


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