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1968 AP Wire Photo Vietnam War

1968 AP Wire Photo Vietnam War


This photo was taken in Vietnam in 1968, during the war. The cutline, attached to the back, reads: “(NY37-Jan. 31) THE PERILS OF WAR – Vietnamese children and soldiers view corpses of two men, foreground, and a woman, killed as innocent bystanders in Saigon Wednesday during heavy street fighting between U.S. tanks, background, and South Vietnamese infantry and Communist Viet Cong forces. (APWirephoto via radio from Saigon) (see AP wire stories) (jwb42030rca) 1968.”

Also on the back, stamped, is "Plain Dealer Library Feb. 1 68 and Feb 8 1968." Also, handwritten, “Vietnam-South Vietnam-Saigon” and “Geog. File”

We found the photo online in various newspaper files, such as the Chicago Tribune, Feb. 1, 1968.

Condition: This photojournalist's image is low contrast and a slightly sepia color. There is a bend at the top of the upper right corner. The surface is undamaged. The back is a tan color. Image size is 9.0 x 6.5 inches.

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