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1963 AP Wire Photo from Seaside Oregon Riots

1963 AP Wire Photo from Seaside Oregon Riots


1963 Award-Winning Press Photo of Riot in Seaside, Oregon

Attached to the back of this photo is this newsprint cutline: “A fireman armed with a fireplug wrench backs a burly youth against the wall during a riot in Seaside Ore. The fireman, Hugh McKennan, had been cracked on the head with a beer bottle. It took a special state police task force to quell rioting which police said was staged in the resort town by about 1,000 college-aged youths. AP Wirephoto.”

The back is rubberstamped Sep 3 1962 P, and Associated Press Wirephoto.  There also are handwritten notations, 8:15 am 3 col x 8”. Fireman Pixs.

In the Oregonian/Oregon Live website, under the heading, “1963 Press Photo Story-telling action shot photo won by Chuck Von Wald,” we found this same photo with its cutline: "’You move and I'll kill ya’: This image from the 1963 Seaside riot was an award-winner for Oregonian photographer Chuck Von Wald.”

The backstory:

In the Desert Sun newspaper, Sept. 3, 1962 : “SEASIDE. Ore. (UPI )- Helmeted soldiers patrolled the streets of this riot-torn town Sunday night while hundreds of students danced the twist on the beach sand in the moonlight. The weird contrast marked the tension that has taken over this town of 3,900 since some 1,000 students rioted Saturday night. A rumor circulated that a new outbreak was brewing. National guardsmen, armed with ax handles, paced the nearly deserted streets in pairs, watched quietly from windows, and waited on rooftops. About 70 state and city policemen patrolled the town. Few students were on the streets. They were gathered on the sand in front of an oceanside teen-age club where they danced the twist to the music of a small combo. They writhed eerily in the soft moonlight and the light of a few bonfires. Single men were observed moving among the dancing couples. Later, police halted the music and the students slowly began to disperse. Authorities were hopeful the belligerence in this resort, a favorite spot for students at the end of the summer, was subsiding. They said it appeared small groups of agitators were unsuccessful in trying to incite another outburst. The police and guard patrols continued. The uneasy lull came after new rioting Sunday afternoon and evening. The students spent the day milling on the beach, then suddenly charged at riot squads on the other side of the seawall at the end of the main street. They were repulsed with ax handles and tear gas. About 60 of the young men were under arrest. About 49 remained in jail, overflowing the city jail into the county jail. Three more persons were hospitalized Sunday, bringing the total to six. Many others were treated for minor injuries. All liquor sales were banned in a ring 35 miles around Seaside. Gov. Mark Hatfield was considering extending the dry zone.”

Condition: Excellent. Image size 6 x 9.5 inches on 7x9.5 paper. 


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