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1894 Billhead Milliken's Parlor Pride Manufacturing

1894 Billhead Milliken's Parlor Pride Manufacturing


This cameo-like billhead is from Parlor Pride Manufacturing Company of Middleborough, Mass., 1894. The company also had a Chicago office and a Boston office.

According to the billhead, Parlor Pride manufactured Milliken’s Parlor Pride Stove Enamel, Milliken’s Cold Iron Enamel, and Milliken’s Parlor Pride Ceylon Powdered Lead.

In 1887 the company ran a small “Boston Globe” line ad, “Salesmen wanted, with small capital, to handle specialty used in every family. Advertising Bureau, Power Pride Manufacturing Co….”

A small display ad in a Pennsylvania paper in 1886 for the company stated, “Ladies, enamel your range on the sides twice a year, the tops once a week, and you have the finest polished stove in the world.”

Condition: Near excellent, with two punch holes at top. No tears or stains. Size 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

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