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Warren Hospital, Phillipsburg, NJ, Ambulance, 1924-25

Warren Hospital, Phillipsburg, NJ, Ambulance, 1924-25


In 1923, the city of Phillipsburg, NJ. raised funds and built a 60-bed hospital opened. The following year, in September 1924 (according to the ‘Courier-News” paper, on Sept. 12, 1924), the Kiwanis Club gave the hospital an ambulance.

We assume it was this Buick, which is parked in front of a Buick dealership (signs visible in windows and on top). It has the name of Warren Hospital on the side, but note the sign attached to the driver’s door, which misspells “Phillipsburg.” Oops!

Print has a full scale of tonality with nice gradations. Looks to be enlarged  from a 4 X 5 inch glass negative, possible an 8 X 10 contact print. Very high resolution. No hint of grain. It has been ferrotyped, giving it a high gloss finish. The surface is perfect, no mars. Size is 8 X 10 inches. Corner are sharp.


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