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Star Explorer Wheel

Star Explorer Wheel


This educational wheel for exploring all the constellations is Copyright 1952 Dorothy A. Bennett and Hugh S. Rice. 5th edition, 9th printing; 1961. Published by Dr. H.S. Rice, 2728 Henry Hudson Pky, New York 63, N.Y.

On the front, with the wheel, are printed Directions: Turn the disc so that the date corresponds with the hour of night. Face the south and hold the chart overhead with the corner marked NORTH pointing north. The stars and constellations will then be seen as they are on the chart.

On the back are a variety of facts about stars, planets, and what to look for in 1962 to 1964. The authors also wrote "New Handbook of the Heavens" (McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1941).

Condition is very good. There is no damage. There is slight toning to the back card. The wheel does rotate. Size 8.75 inches square.


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