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Criterion Velveteen Advertising Card

Criterion Velveteen Advertising Card


The Criterion – Velveteen       This strikingly printed advertising card was most likely created to be hung in a dry goods store. There are two holes with grommets at the top edge. Unfortunately we could not find definite provenance of this beautiful piece. Even respected ephemera expert, dealer and co-founder of The Ephemera Society of America, William Frost Mobley, had not seen it before.

We do know (from Wikipedia) that “The Criterion” was a New York-based literary magazine published as a weekly from 1896 to 1900, then a monthly until 1905. It featured bold illustrated covers, saucy cartoons and a mix of news and feature reporting and forward-thinking satire.[

The magazine attracted a large number of artists and writers from a wide spectrum of political backgrounds. Staff included illustrator Rob Wagner. Wagner used heavy reds and a poster-style technique on The Criterion's covers.” In 1898 the staff created The Criterion Theatre.

Could this Velveteen piece have been an advertisement in the magazine?

There was also a Criterion Theatre in the UK and the fancy Criterion Annex.

We did find a line ad in the Jewell County Review in Mankato, Kansas, for “Criterion Velveteen, patent silk finish, all shades, 46 to 58c” in 1885, as well as in Buffalo, New York. But that’s it.

We thought that this card may have been of English origin but according to Valerie Harris, fine ephemera dealer in London, England, and one of the founding members of the Ephemera Society of England, it is “definitely not from England, because of the style of dress. American made, most likely an advertising card made to be used in a retail store.”

Wh A very attractive item that is in excellent condition and printed on a thick, very heavy card. The image utilizes a goodly amount of gold decoration. It has a clear lacquer layer over it which would have been applied at the time of its creation. Size 8.50 X 12 inches. Price $175.

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