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1872 Charlestown, RI, Water Works Receipt

1872 Charlestown, RI, Water Works Receipt


 City of Charlestown (RI) Water Works Receipt

“For use of water from January 1, 1872 to January 1, 1873, payable in advance, at the office of the Mystic Water Board, No. 10 City Hall, between the hours of 9, A.M. and 2, P.M.”

The bill was for Mrs. Draw, 23 Polk Street, Charlestown, for $10.00

On the back are the regulations from the “Ordinance concerning the Charlestown Water Works, and the use of Mystic-Lake Water.” The Clerk of the Mystic Water Board was Wm.W. Peirce.

Printed in red and black ink. Condition is excellent, there are no flaws. Size is 8.00 X 5.25 inches.


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