Overzealous Penguin Plunge

A boy scout of Troop 61 in Mansfield, CT gets fished out of icy waters by Tolland County Dive Team members. Given the option to take a “Penguin Plunge” into the ice covered lake, 18 Scouts jumped at the chance. The water was about 38 degrees, which was a lot warmer than above the ice where temperatures were in the 20’s plus there was stiff breeze. The young daredevils were mostly clad in t-shirts and shorts or jeans while they stood in the snow awaiting their turn, many were barefoot. They wore life vests and were tied to rescue personnel via a rope. Upon coming to the surface – most had a stunned expression. This photograph caused a stir when it was published, forcing the Scouts and the Dive Team to eliminate this event in future years.