North Windham Fire Safety Officer George Gillette

With the fire having been extinguished, North Windham Fire Safety Officer George Gillette, walks to join his fellow firemen.

Fire out – all safe

Firemen from several companies shake hands and relax for a moment after the fire was out, everyone was accounted for and there was no loss of life.

Monson Tornado – Facing the devastion

On the left, Kelly McClure sits on a fallen exterior wall of the home that she lived in on Washington Street. The rest of the house lies to the right. She had been looking for personal items in the wreckage but had to take a moment away from the very difficult search.

Monson Tornado – Three story house lifted off foundation

A three story house on Washington St. was lifted up off its’ foundation and dropped down back down by one of the tornados that hit the town on Wednesday afternoon.

Monson Tornado – Volunteer searches for cats under collapsed house

On the right, volunteer Jeff Lopes searches under the collapsed second floor of this house for any of 6 cats that lived there. By the end of the day, none had been found.

Monson Tornado – Dog finds missing family member in rubble

Tony Esposito explains how a tornado came over the hill behind him and totally destroyed his 1850’s colonial home while his son was inside, in the basement. Esposito credited the family dog with helping to rescue the boy. The rest of his house is on the other side of the street which he is facing. He remained at the house rubble all day trying to retrieve personal belongings.

Monson Tornado – Family in basement while house blown away

On Wade Road, the Ferrindino family having heard the tornado coming ran to a basement storage area of their new home for safety. In a matter of a few minutes, when they emerged, their house was completely gone. Fortunately they were all safe and suffered no injuries. Here, the Coventry, Connecticut Volunteer Fire Department distributes some supplies to them the day after. Firemen Steve Pacholski on the far left and fireman Mike Cote, second from the right speak with family members. At the upper right corner is the foundation of their home, the building was spread over the entire field to the left.

Monson Tornado – Looking for family history

Daphne Mead looks for family photos and said that she was glad to find her daughter’s trophy in what was left of this multi-family house.

Monson – Piece by piece – Volunteer clears away rubble

After this house was destroyed a huge tree fell onto what remained. Volunteer Jim Caldwell from Blastow, NH – little by little clears away debris.

Monson Tornado – Not knowing where to begin

A friend of the family that lived in this Washington St. house came to Monson from South Hadley on Thursday morning hoping that he could help – there wasn’t much that he could do.