Baptism at the town square

On Sunday past, the Willimantic Seventh-day Adventist Church of Willimantic culminated a week of evangelical study with a tent meeting at Jilson Square in Willimantic, where an opportunity for immersion baptism was provided for 11 people.  Here, Pastor Richard Pinero has lifted an exuberant Maria Cardona from the water.

Motorcyclist rides into sunset

A motorcyclist rides into the sunset, literally, on Bassets Bridge Rd. in Mansfield during the late afternoon.

Revolutionary War Militia

The leader of the colonial militia, at the Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums 25th Annual Muster, chases down the British officer that was in command of the redcoats during the battle. A moment later that officer was dispatched. Charging forward on his horse is Revolutionary War reenacter John Catalfumo of Carmel, NY.

Father & Son at Memorial Day Service

At Memorial Day ceremonies, standing with his 9 year old son, is his father, a U.S. Marine veteran who served during Desert Storm.

Cats and calves on a Coventry dairy farm

Tropical storm irene dogs

During a tropical storm, watch out for flooded roads, falling trees and friendly wet dogs. These boys were out for a jaunt with their owner Albert Ware, bringing up the rear, on Crescent St in Willimantic during tropical storm Irene.

Chihuahua & pig Sunning During January Thaw

Fire artist Jessica Duval performs at Willimantic Street Festival

K-9 Olympics, Willimantic, Paul Hussey & “Z” in action

Connecticut State Police K-9 Officer Paul Hussey and his partner, police dog “Z” participate in the Connecticut State Police 2010 K-9 Olympics. After jumping into the pit of water, both have to get over the log and move on to the obstacle course while being judged. Police canine “Z” is well known to the bad guys in Eastern Connecticut.

Circus aerial ballet dancer looks down from the big top