For those New Orleanians who live in the Central City neighborhood, exuding style and character is the norm. This gentleman who said that people there call him “Tippit” – sports a brand new pair of red suspenders while taking his afternoon sidewalk stroll. A man of exceptional cordiality, he spoke to me as if I were an old friend, recommending that I go to the 2nd Line Parade that was about to step off that afternoon.

King’s Fashion store in Central City

The Kings Fashion store is on Jackson Ave. in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans. Here the proprietor and his family advertise by standing in front of the store waving American flags. From the 1830s to the 1950s Central City was known as “back of town.”  At the time that it began to be developed, it was a large, mosquito-infested, swampy area, 3-10 feet below sea level. For 170 years, Central City has been home to the many immigrant and working class populations of New Orleans’ history – German, Irish, Italian, Jewish, and now African American residents. In the neighborhood there are approximately 2800 shotgun style houses.