Leaking Fire Hose Coupling

At a house fire in rural Lebanon, CT, a Baltic fireman works to tighten a leaking fire hose coupling.

Hurricane doesn’t deter shopper

The hurricane did not deter shopper Debbie Morely from walking to this Gulf gasoline station that specializes in fried chicken.

Overzealous Penguin Plunge

A boy scout of Troop 61 in Mansfield, CT gets fished out of icy waters by Tolland County Dive Team members. Given the option to take a “Penguin Plunge” into the ice covered lake, 18 Scouts jumped at the chance. The water was about 38 degrees, which was a lot warmer than above the ice where temperatures were in the 20’s plus there was stiff breeze. The young daredevils were mostly clad in t-shirts and shorts or jeans while they stood in the snow awaiting their turn, many were barefoot. They wore life vests and were tied to rescue personnel via a rope. Upon coming to the surface – most had a stunned expression. This photograph caused a stir when it was published, forcing the Scouts and the Dive Team to eliminate this event in future years.

Save Windham Lunch Ladies

It was a tense moment when this local resident addressed the Windham Board of Education concerning the privatization of the school system food service program. He is wearing a button that reads “Save Windham Lunch Ladies”.

Fistfight at UConn Spring weekend

Although Thursday night’s Spring Weekend was overall violence free there was a fistfight at the end of the evening. It was broken up quickly by State and UConn police.


Willimantic Police Officer, Daniel Rovella, performs a sobriety test on a driver in Willimantic who was suspected of driving while under the influence. He was arrested upon failing this test.

Spring Weekend Partying

Early on a Friday evening during Uconn’s Spring Break a co-ed is taken by ambulance to a local hospital for possible alcohol poisoning. Such transports would go on continually through the morning hours. Eventually the university prohibited the yearly wild weekend partying after a student was killed.

Rescue Of Dog Stuck In Dryer Vent

The call went out to the Lebanon, CT Volunteer Fire Department on a Sunday afternoon.¬† It was a “good intent call” a dog with head his caught in a dryer vent. Within¬† minutes, 8 Lebanon VFD firefighters were on the scene. Firefighter Marc Massicote, center, chisels away the wood surrounding the dog’s head while Lebanon VFD firefighter Don O’Hearn protects the dog from being injured. The owner had slathered the dog with Crisco in trying to slide him out of the vent, when that didn’t work the fire department was called in. Within 45 minutes, Roy, the miniature Australian Shepherd was freed.

Discarded burning pizza box ignites home of 26 people

Within a few minutes of several local fire departments arriving, the Clark Street apartment house was nearly fully engulfed. The fire had started from a tenant who had placed a pizza in its box in an oven to reheat it. When the box caught fire, it was thrown out a back door and landed against the apartment building that was home to 26 residents.

Man trapped in burning building

Juan Diaz was trapped on the third floor of the burning house on Clark St. in Willimantic on Sunday afternoon. As local fire companies fought the fire from all sides of the house, Diaz suddenly appeared three stories up as the entire building was bursting into flames. Willimantic Fire Captain Theriault said latter, that there was no time to go for a longer ladder, Diaz was going to have to escape immediately using an aluminum extension ladder. It didn’t quite reach the third floor of the house. Diaz did connect with the ladder but suffered a cut on his hand from hanging from the broken window. His family stood on Main Street watching as he was trying to escape.