People gather under a tree in Willimantic, CT at a vigil for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school  shooting in Newtown, CT.



This mother and child in Willimantic, CT,  were at a vigil for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown.

Family watches home burn

On the left, a mother comforts one of her two sons as firemen work to extinguish the 3 alarm fire in the family home.

This photograph was chosen by the National Press Photographers Association as one of the top 3 breaking news photographs for the month of April, 2013 in Region 1, being New England, New York and some Canadian provinces. The other two photographs chosen were of the Boston bombing.

Willimantic High St. Fire

Willimantic High St. Fire

Willimantic High St. Fire

Extrication of driver from vehicle (A)

Firemen work to extricate driver from a head on crash.

Extrication of driver from vehicle (B)

The now extricated driver has been placed on a gurney awaiting the arrival of a Lifestar helicopter. Here, medical personnel point to the helicopter coming in for a landing. It was learned later that the man had died prior to getting aboard the helicopter.

Firemen at the house foundation

At the Nathan Hale Rd. fire, firemen from multiple volunteer companies stand at the house’s foundation, after nearly all that would, burned out.

Fire companies retreat from the Nathan Hale Rd. fire

It was a subfreezing night with gusting winds at the end of December when this two story log home caught fire. Water from the fire hoses, draining from the house area, froze to the ground on contact. Firefighters had to retreat from fighting the fire and work instead to contain it from spreading. Staying on ones feet was a challenge. The light sky is from a long exposure.