Chihauhau at street fair

From a sidewalk on Main Street in Willimantic, Mini Moo, a Chihauhau, watches the goings on in Don Tacos Mexican restaurant during an evening street fair.

Young girl waits for her pony

Nine year old Caitlin waits in a horse trailer for her pony who was giving rides to kids at a local event.

Christmas shopping on fulton St. NYC

Man with bag of snacks – Pier 17, NYC

Freddie Rocha

While spending a week in Provincetown, MA during the month of June I noticed this man. He was dressed for much colder weather; around him were tourists in shorts, sandals and tee shirts. He was walking the length of Commercial Street, back and forth. His focus was straight ahead, he was undistracted. I was hesitant to approach him as he seemed to be very solitary. Regretting that I hadn’t, when the opportunity came up again, I did. I struck up a brief conversation with him and asked if I could take his photograph explaining that I was from out of town and wished to photograph some of the local people. He said yes, without asking any questions of me.

I asked him to keep on walking as he had been doing and I would go ahead and photograph him as he came down the street. With that done I inquired about who he was and what he did. He said that his name was Freddie Rocha and was born in Provincetown. When a younger man he had left Provincetown and did logging work in Brewster. Rocha commented that he later came back to town and worked on a fishing boat. When asked what he did now, he replied by shrugging his shoulders and saying nothing.

Mother and son at evening street fair

Two Young Mormon Men Refused

Having come to Windham County from Oregon and Canada, Elder Nielson on the left and Elder Kirkham on the right are spending 10 hours a day 7 days a week, rain or shine, for two years – spreading the good word. On this late afternoon they were in Willimantic going house to house. Here they are refused a conversation with a homeowner. They said they travel town to town and to donate their labor and bring services to those in need. Kirkham said “At the end of our two years of doing missionary work we will return home, and then further our education. We’ll lead normal lives – get jobs – and do all the regular stuff.” Neither have intentions of going into the clergy but they will remain members of their church.

Ready for the 4th of july


“BLUE” in winter

John ‘Blue’ Dawson, living on the edge of homelessness.

Starting her vegetable gardening

Gini Gonze takes a break on Wednesday afternoon from preparing the soil at her Windham Area Interfaith Ministry vegetable garden at Lauter Park in Willimantic. Gini said that she has been gardening since she was 5 years old – missing only one year between then and now. Even though she has lived in 9 different states, moving around the country with her husband, a commercial contractor, she always found a spot to plant. Her friends often call her ‘the plant lady’ which she doesn’t mind at all. Beside this garden she plans on putting in two more this Spring. “It is own of my most favorite ways to spend my time, along with bird watching and reading” she said.