Street Fair attendee

One of the attendees of the Third Thursday Street Fair was this striking young lady, Crystal Pleasant of Willimantic.


A tourist passes by homeless Honduran guitarist, Norberto, on a side street in the French Quarter.

Crossing paths in in the ninth ward, New Orleans

Woman waiting in New Orleans

A young woman waits, sitting on a crate in the shadow of a musician on Bourbon St. in New Orleans late one night.

Woman in a leopard coat

This lady was just stepping off of the Brooklyn Bridge overhead walkway, on the Manhattan side, when this photograph was taken..

first day of school

Stephen G. Hancock, Decorated Marine Sergeant

United States Marine Sergeant Steve Hancock, standing under a garden hose after completing the Chester Road Race on July 4th, 2004. At this time he had already been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but he continued to run as often as he could with his Marine buddies who served with him in Vietnam. On this day he sangĀ  “America the Beautiful” at the beginning of the race. Steve was a decorated Sergeant during the Vietnam War. He was the recipient of a Purple Heart with two stars, a Vietnamese Service Medal with four stars, a National Defense Medal, a Combat Action Ribbon, the Vietnamese Campaign Medal and a Meritorious Unit Citation. He passed away on the evening of August 15, 2006 at the age of 58. His veteran friends continue to run races in his memory and raise money for the cure of pancreatic cancer.

Halloween from Hot Shots Cafe

On Halloween from Hot Shots Cafe in Willimantic, George Williams, permittee, watches trick or treaters make the rounds on Main Street.

Praying in the park

Woman sitting on stoop in NYC

A woman sits on a stoop, leaning against a plate glass window in Chinatown, NYC.