Snow covered tree at UConn

wp UConn Snow Covered Tree 46347

Mansfield réservoir rises over parking lot

wp x Mansfield Reservoir


Sun sets on Andover farm in early december

wp FARM VIEW OF FENCE & CLOUDS SUNSET 3 x 5 at 300 dpi

Maine birches and blueberry bushes, Acadia NP


red ant under flower

wp red ant dsc_8816ed 6.12.12

Tree roots at Metcalf bottoms gsmnp, tn

wp y tree roots metcalf

Cades cove tree in fog at sunrise, gsmnp, tn

wp Cades Cove Tree in Fog INTERNET GF IS 28 X 18.5 PS 30 X 24

Frog from the waters edge

wp Andover frog eyes 6 x 12 ap ps gf ed

Butterfly flying through grass on windy day

WP butterfly

Family at coventry lake

WP Coventry Lake Sunset #100 June 24 2013