Frog from the waters edge

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WNBA NCAA UConn vs Maryland – Kalina Masqueda-Lewis

With coach Geno Auriemma looking over her shoulder, Kalina Mosqueda-Lewis goes to the basket against Maryland at the NCAA regionals in Bridgeport.


Extrication of driver from vehicle (B)

The now extricated driver has been placed on a gurney awaiting the arrival of a Lifestar helicopter. Here, medical personnel point to the helicopter coming in for a landing. It was learned later that the man had died prior to getting aboard the helicopter.

UConn baseball vs Fairfield University

A Fairfield University throw to second is off just enough to allow UConn runner to make it there safely.

Monson Tornado – House Gone – Sense of Humor Remains

The only thing left to this Upper Hamden Road house in Monson, that was in the direct path of the tornado, was the hardwood on the first floor – everything else was gone. Neighbors said that the good humored homeowner had come back on Thursday and looked over the scene from this lawn chair – after he had pulled this window fan from the rubble.

Maya Moore in UConn vs LA Defenders